PODCAST: Weapon Changes, Lightfall Exotics, and Community – Tower Casuals: The Destiny Podcast Episode 129

This week on Tower Casuals, Josh is on vacation, so Corey has allowed members of the community Discord to join him, including JoASiS, Yoloderr, and T7FoxWarrior, to talk about the upcoming weapon changes to match subclass 3.0, the new exotics introduced in this week's trailer, answer listener questions, and talk some Darkblade Lore with Xivu Arath.

PODCAST: The One About Loadouts – Tower Casuals: The Destiny Podcast Episode 127

This week Josh is joined by the Tower Gunsmith a1Johnnny as they discuss going Flawless in Trials and break down all of the changes coming to loadouts including mod changes, the death of match game and some speculation on just how all of those combat mods will work going forward. Later, the guys discuss this week's TWAB for some news on blue engrams, sandbox updates and more.